Hi there!

Are you a female early career therapist or wanting to start your own practice?

Let me help you.

I have opened my books to accept female early career therapists and those wanting to start their own private practice! This has been an area of interest for me for years and I am excited to be able to have this as an offering which will start as of July 2024. As someone who now has a waitlist and has niched into the areas I really enjoy working in, I want to be able to share my knowledge and passion with you.

Free Connection Call

An initial (free) 10 minute call will begin the process to make sure we align, can create a rough plan, and can work together to make your dream practice a reality!The cost is $300 per 1 hour session, or $850 for 3 x 1 hour sessions. These mentoring sessions are not therapy, and are aimed at coaching you to find your potential. Sessions are most likely tax deductible for most people.Click on the button below to be taken to the online booking system.